Leipzig (Germany) – Spontaneous demonstration: Nazis kill, the EU joins in – down with the cop state

Leipzig. Germany. On April 27, 2020 we marched in the western part of Leipzig from Jahrtausendfeld to Westwerk and back with a small autonomous spontaneous demo, in which 40 people participated. Fortunately, the cops didn’t show up.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

With the spontaneous demo, we wanted to remind of the still catastrophic situation of refugees in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos and the continuing danger of the fascist threat, as well as to express our reluctance to the expansion of state power under the cover of the Corona pandemic and the related advancing destruction of our freedoms.

In Moria, conditions have recently deteriorated even more: the 20,000 people living there have hardly any access to medical care and food. For the latter, there is a single shop throughout the camp, and when food is handed out, some people simply throw food into the waiting crowd. Medical care outside the camp is no longer allowed. Apart from the lack of care by the state, the people in Moria are also threatened by parts of the population on Lesvos. Most recently, a lawyer known as a racist shot four people living in the camp with a shotgun. Fortunately, they were only slightly injured. The perpetrator was caught; fascist demonstrations have already taken place in the city to support him, and more are announced for the coming days.

But it is not only in the fight against refugees in the camps on the external border of the EU that we see the overlap between the inhuman EU policies and the actions of fascist murderers. In Germany, too, refugees in camps are isolated and excluded from extensive health care in the context of the Corona pandemic. In addition, the hygienic conditions there are often poor anyway. In addition, since the murders in Hanau, there have been repeated fascist and racist attacks and even murders: in Celle, the only 15-year-old Arcan Hussein was stabbed to death, another racist murder, which the investigating public prosecutor wants to belittle as the act of a confused person despite evidence of the racist motivation of the perpetrator. It is quite possible that the general mood of panic in the Corona crisis has additionally incited the perpetrator. Recently, the number of right-wing and fascist demonstrations in Germany increased again and here in Leipzig, too, there have been more and more Nazi attacks.

All this is happening against the background of authoritarian state measures of a kind never seen before since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded, all of which are justified by the all-important health protection of people in society. We do not believe that the governments of Europe will voluntarily dismantle their once-extended power apparatuses; on the contrary, we believe it is more likely that they will try to exploit people’s habituation to the changed conditions and maintain as many social control mechanisms as possible, as well as the restriction of non-digital contacts. China and its authoritarian measures were the model for containing the difficult-to-assess threat from the coronavirus, and it is quite possible that China is also a model for controlling the population through technology and smartphone apps, such as the app to monitor the spread of the virus. In this context, the EU-China Summit in Leipzig next September is also of particular importance.

We do not accept state control for us, no matter on what motivation it is presented to us! We do not want a healthy Germany, but good health care for all!

The EU kills in Moria!

The fascists down to the ground!

Down with the cop state!