Its the end of the world as we know it… Issue 2 – Go Outside! Light Fires! Keep a Good Social Distance (from the state)!

Issue II of our ongoing Journal ‘Its the end of the world as we know it….: (Go Outside, Light fires etc) is released today. In this volume of the journal we decided to focus on the varied attacks, rebellions, riots and battles across the world between the state and free wild individuals. We have actively made the choice to not include updates on repression or violence, since we have the impression, these reports are everywhere and all around us and at times become a very stagnating force. We want this second issue to be a provocation to everyone, get out from behind the screen, go out of your home (even if for no reason other than personal satisfaction), and LIGHT. IT. THE. FUCK. UP. This time around, we have been inundated with submissions and nods of things to include and we are happy to say we have many new and original texts, and the first translation into English of a text from the Greek anarchist formation ‘anarchist groups of Night Visits’ who in the last weeks committed a series of arson’s against the personal  properties/homes of a number cops, politicians, and journalists. This issue is comprised of 3 main parts: first Scattered Chronology of attacks and Rebellion which is a day by day rough calendar of different things that have happened between 11th march and 1st of April especially where the writers specifically mention making a connection to Covid 19 or the specific necessity/newness of breaking quarantine. Drawn from counter info sites in four different langues and 3 different continents we hope to put forward the broadest and  widest range of rebellions with which to warm our hearts, 2nd In depth Communiques- which is a section dedicated to longer texts which mix up action and analysis, and finally analysis- In this section we take texts from before and during the outbreak of corona which critique the notion of safety, offer an alternative to the version of the ‘We Are At War’ narrative perpetrated by countless states, and argue the need for an increase in  insurrectional activity in the coming days/weeks/months.

As well as these main parts, the journal also has a brief introduction from the D&O  collective- a correspondence between ourselves and Flower Bomb From the warzone distro, and poetry from our good friend auntie social ????

As always we are calling for submissions to this ongoing project; get in touch downandoutdistro(dot)riseup(dot)net PGP available in the ‘contact’ section of the site.

Quotes from the Text:

“We detest the turn-coating, so called anarchists all around us, who are suddenly unquestioningly abiding the states advice, laws, and lock downs. We refuse the prison logic (like all prison logics) and will never trust the state to keep us safe.  The worst Virus is the State”

“Each and every one of us has been turned into a ticking time bomb, a disgusting, diseased, infectious, monstrous, creature who should hate itself and others like it- and keep away from them as much as possible. For those of us already deemed disgusting by society (queers, trans, sexworkers, junkies, HIV positive people etc) this feeling maynot be so new; but now the stigma of the ‘diseased’ is engulfing us all.”

“Police were attacked with stones and bottles and two Iceland supermarket vans were torched outside their depo. Several cars were also smashed and set on fire across the city. Young people are already always under ‘special measures’ by the police -abuse, beatings, harassment, dispersal, special conditions – and rioting and fighting back is the only real solution, not staying in your house and being afraid. Death to the politicians, the police and those who have poisoned this world.”

“The existence of the state is the political component that originates war as we know it.  War is a tool necessary for civilization’s spreading. The need of capitalism for exponential growth is the trigger in wars for resources. The state doesn’t exist to save us from war, it’s the forefather of war instead.”


War on the State – Not on the Virus

We announce the begging of a new journal; ‘It’s the End of the World as we Know It’- It concerns the Covid-19 virus sweeping through the interior of civilization but not in the way you might expect… We analyze  the consequences of increased militarization, state control, and intervention on our lives. We see this war, as not one against a virus but against the state and all its murderous tendencies. Episode one focus’ mostly on the first signs of the impeding fascism we are all begging to experience on a daily basis- we hope to make more issues- focusing on different aspects of this ongoing conflict…. We have stolen reflections and thoughts from many places, as well as adding our own to the growing body of anti authoritarian literature concerning this pandemic.

We are searching for new stories of the increasing repression, violence, and state control emerging under the guise of “saving” us from this virus; as well as all the stories of rebels breaking the confinement, of prison breaks, attacks on authorities, those denying to be imprisoned at home, and all acts of sabotage against the machinery of death. The next Issue (if it exists) will likely be a documentation of Police and military violence, checkpoints, lock downs, and murders as well as the stories of victories against this new reality from our side. if you have stories to contribute please contact us at:

downandoutdistro at riseup dot net

Quote From the Text:

“We can NEVER trust the state to keep us safe, we can
never trust the state to care about whether we live or die.
All we can trust the state for is the desire to maintain the
broken systems of domination and the religion of the economy.”

“We will build our own measures to protect ourselves, be
they direct conflict: robberies or looting (since most of us
have no access to making money right now and will likely
die of this before we die of any virus), attacks on the
police or surveillance infrastructure, offering food, health
care, and sanitation projects to those most in need, or
providing shelter (such as squats) to those homeless
amongst us who do not have the luxury of quarantining
themselves at home.”

PDF HERE: waronthestate

War On the State- Not On the Virus