Italy – Proposal for a Day of Liberation on April 25th

For a few weeks now, almost three billion people have been forced into home detention.
In Italy, as in other parts of the world, the first people who rebelled against the worsening conditions of their survival, the prisoners, have been repressed with dead and wounded.
While science proposes conflicting theses, part of the scientific community states that the quarantine period, although in alternating phases, will last at least until next year.
The state, however, has already chosen which truth to propagate to justify the measures taken. Forced isolation at home is being prolonged, the only proposal-constriction made to the population is to obey and wait by watching and self-surveillance… but for how long?

For now the end of the measures has been postponed until April 13th, but most likely there will be further extensions…

April 25th is the feast of liberation. Liberation not only from Nazi-Fascism, but from all forms of oppression.
The oppression of living in a world where movements are continuously controlled and monitored, with checkpoints, soldiers everywhere, drones, cameras, electronic bracelets.
The oppression of being individually considered as infected if we do not respect the laws and think that socializing and the possibility of going out are not transferable in exchange for the security of survival.
The oppression of living in terror of the invisible, because the problem is not the virus, but the ecological and social conditions in which it spreads.

The problem is climate change that alters natural cycles, it is urban overcrowding, it is the homogenization of food and immune responses, it is the speed of movement over the entire Earth’s surface.
We were told that we should accept these problems, barter our obedience in exchange for certain security.
These certainties have changed.

This virus, after the economic and environmental disaster, is just the latest disaster – to date – of a society imposed on us, a society based on domination, quantitative accumulation and exploitation of the planet and the animals, human or otherwise.

For this reason we propose – in the hope that we are not overcome by events – that on April 25th we return to the streets in as many places as possible to meet again, facing fear, fighting widespread surveillance, attacking the irresponsible rhetoric that sees us all as carriers of contagion.
With the intention that it will not remain an isolated day, we want to escape from quarantine, doing so by accepting the consequences of our actions, covering our faces for the free choice to protect ourselves and others and also because unthinkable things could take place without the freedom of anonymity…

Remaining passive spectators of the disaster by accepting imprisonment will not prevent the occurrence of new disasters, if anything it will prolong the agony we already experience.
Do we still want to trust and obey while the world continues to be a place where life is denied between total control, destroyed sociality and ecological drama?
Or identify the causes of this disaster, stop obeying and act to prevent dystopia from continuing.
And to finally experience the possibility of liberation…


Italy: Proposal for a Day of Liberation on April 25th