Spain – Hunger Strike and Revolt in Prisons

As many of you already know, in the C.P. de Brians I, a hunger strike began a few days ago due to the restrictive conditions that had been applied by the coronavirus, canceling visits with family members in all state prisons, while officials enter and leave the compound without any protection.

In Brians, as of today, more than 100 prisoners were supporting the hunger strike.

Today at noon, while the prisoners entered the dining room and collected the cutlery but not the food tray, a group of jailers appeared and asked about their attitude. Some have replied that they were conducting a hunger strike, explaining the reasons, and the jailers’ reaction has been to take away their identity documents and at least 3 of them who refused to eat have been transferred to isolation, intimidating the rest, so that those who came behind have preferred to desist from the hunger strike.

We remember that anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas has been imprisoned for almost two years and awaiting trial in the C.P. de Brians I.

In the Wad Ras prison in Barcelona, a first case of coronavirus has been known of a woman who had a few days to go free and has been released, but the other women who were with her are nervous because they have asked for tests, but they have not done anything to them. Yesterday a group of people gathered at the front door demanding freedom for the prisoners. Prisoners were interested in the protest and from the inside they wanted to know what could be done.

In Murcia II today they have not allowed visiters to enter to communicate. A jailer has gone out with a security member to communicate that from today at noon, it will no longer be possible to communicate through the glass.

Prisoners from Fontcalent prison (Alicante) have protested this Sunday with a bonfire in the courtyard, in the absence of information and protection measures against the coronavirus.

In this same prison, 12 other jailers have been sent to their quarantined homes, accounting for 164 prisoners and fifty-one isolated jailers awaiting the official number of positives. The union requested the immediate suspension of communications through glass, in all prisons, and that for new prison entries, 14 days of quarantine be decreed.

We call for the continued vigilance of expressing solidarity with prisoners and for the withdrawal of sanctioning files.

Group of Support for Amadeu


More Information on the Revolt at Fontcalent prison (Alicante)On Sunday morning, a large group of prisoners in module 2 of Alicante’s Foncalent prison demanded they be provided with protective material to prevent infection with coronavirus. Prisoners from an overcrowded module then came out into the courtyard, barricading themselves, burning objects and shouting Freedom, Freedom!

The prisoners refused to leave a courtyard area and attacked guards.

Prisoners later agreed to return to their cells, but later began to knock heavily on cell bars before burning toilet paper to throw it out the windows.

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