St. Louis (USA) Anarchists visit CEO’s home in solidarity with wildcat strikers in Mexico

On April 30, we visited the mansion of David Webster, CEO of St.
Louis-based Electrical Components International. Here is the message
sent to striking ECI factory workers in Juarez, Mexico, followed by the
letter handed to the CEO’s son outside the mansion:

Hello friends!
We read of your tragedies and your struggles in the ECI maquiladora of
Juarez. Because we could not magically create an overnight strike wave
here in St. Louis, we instead decided to express our solidarity with a
visit to the home of ECI’s CEO, David Webster.

Originally, we planned to sneak into his $3 million mansion, steal his
$400,000 wine collection, and send it to all of you in Juarez. But we
got scared. Instead, we chose to tell him we know where he sleeps and deliver a letter. And take
this photo for you all!

Neither the company, nor the State, nor the unions can save us. We take
care of each other.

Solidarity across borders!
10,000% pay. No work!
Bosses are the real virus!
One day, we will drink their wine together!

<3, ghosts of Magon

Señor Webster,
You are being stingy. While you “work” from home in this pandemic, your
ECI plant in Juarez carries on. Many workers are sick and some have
died. They strike and now you throw them even less crumbs.

30 dead in Juarez, and here you hide, drowning in money! Like a drunk
parasite, you turn the blood on your hands into collector wine.

There is no impunity for you. The ghosts of the dead will haunt you