Thebes (Greece) – Rebellion in the women’s prisons of Eleonas in Thebes following the death of a prisoner – Announcement of women prisoners

9/4/20, The uprising continues in the Women’s Prisons of Eleonas, Thebes. It broke out in the morning, after the death of a 38-year-old prisoner, who developed fever and shortness of breath and died in the ward of the E΄ wing, in front of 20 prisoners. The prisoner died of coronavirus. The other prisoners set fire to mattresses and clothes, while damaging the prison’s refrigerators. A prosecutor has now arrived at the jail and a medical examiner has gone to perform an autopsy. Strong police forces – MAT – who rushed to the prison to prevent the spread of the women’s uprising to all the wings of the prison, carried out extensive beatings and – despite the repression that took place – the uprising spread throughout the prison.

Announcement of women prisoners

9/4/2020 “Today, April 9, prisoner Azizel Deniroglou died in her ward, helpless, as she also had heart problems and a high fever. She had been begging for help all night as she had chest pains and could not breathe.
According to testimonies, they did not even measure her temperature and we are unaware of the real causes of her death. The shift manager threatened her with a report, because it bothered her. The lifeless body of our fellow prisoner was dragged out with a sheet in front of the shocked eyes of the whole wing. This tragic incident took place in the E wing, where about 120 people are stacked. The prisoners revolted and the uprising spread throughout the prison. Another prisoner died a month ago. The criminal indifference to the prisoners and their health has resulted in the death of many detainees, the government and the Ministry are responsible for sentencing them to death. The government and the Ministry are responsible for the death of this prisoner. We demand the immediate release of patients, mothers with their children and the elderly, who are considered vulnerable, a groups, a total of 1/3 of the prisoners. We will not return to our cells until the end! ”

Pola Roupa, a political prisoner and member of Revolutionary Struggle, also complained that another woman had died in prison about a month ago. She stressed that: “Despite promises of prison decongestion due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing has been done yet. Hospitals do not accept inmates from prisons, there is no doctor in Thebes. The vulnerable groups should have been released. ” We are imprisoned. We were not sentenced to death.”