AGRO-CRUST X : info III (April 2020)

Hi comrades & friends!
We are in mid-April, deadline for confirmations for the Agro-Crust X…
The situation caused by global capital does not will stop us from fighting
for their ultimate downfall but it complicates the organization of the d.i.y.
meeting/festival in the sense that many people bands etc. do not know
whether they will be able to participate, whether the borders will closed etc.
Already many bands had to cancel or postpone their tours and the reaction
of the movement has not been coherent either but of wait “see what happens.”
Even, and this hurts quite a bit, it’s been the firsts who have suspended
planned activities, have paid attention to the orders of the state and are quiet
and confined to their homes.

Therefore we would like to propose a change of dates for the
Agro-Crust X; the new dates are: 9 to 12 JULY 2020.

The bands that had already confirmed their participation should assess
if they can come to play on those new dates. We put a new deadline to
confirm that it will be next May 15th.
Also we ask the entire libertarian/anarchist world for their support in
realizing this edition of the Agro-Crust, i.e. distributors, collectives and/or
prisoners support groups that can be organized to give speachs,
workshops etc. who should contact us a.s.a.p. to work out the details.

Let’s hope that this decision is understood as the only possible solution
right now. We’re conspiring for the place where we can to set up the
Agro-Crust this year… We need your support to get ready to preparate/
mount the event, especially the first week of July.

A big hug!
He(A)llth & Anarchy