Arlon (Belgium) – 4 cop cars torched

During the night of Thursday to Friday, around 12:45 am, a man entered
the Arlon police parking lot, rue du Casino, and set fire to a mixture
of things. The fire then spread to the [police] vehicles around. A total
of four vehicles were effected. This is the first time that the Arlon
police area has been the victim of an arson attack. …The fire was
brought under control by firefighters, but four vehicles were effected,
including personal vehicles. …Unfortunately, the gantry in the parking
lot had been broken for several days and the repair could not have been
done in the context of the confinement. Arlon’s police have already
suffered deliberate damage to vehicles, but it’s the first time they
have suffered arson. …For zone chief Michaël Collini, it’s difficult
not to make a link with the call for revolt launched recently on the
IndyMedia BXL site for May 1. A call in which the population is invited
to “express their anger within their means” (sic) against the police,
who “seem to control everything with their prowling patrol cars” by
going out in “small groups and everywhere”.