Bergamo (Italy) – One of the consequences of the COVID-19 state measures is an increase of patriachal domestic violence. Ciao Vivi.

The news of the murder of a 34-year-old woman from Bergamo, Viviana, was circulated by word of mouth an newspaper artciles a few days ago. Yet another act of patriarchal violence: brutally beaten and punched by her partner for reasons of jealousy, Viviana died after six days in a coma following the reported traumas. In these times where the state is imposing measures on us to stay locked up in the house, even pretending to decide what our main affections should be (at the top of which, of course, are the blood-related family and the stable couple), cases of gender-based violence are even more numerous than usual. Couples and family are the pillars of the heteronormative social order, functional for the State. In the rhetoric of the orders imposed by Daddy-State, of the #restiamo a casa and of the tricolour flags, familistic and patriotic values with a rotten fascist smell are relaunched. Many women and LGBT people find themselves in difficult situations at the moment because they are forced to live together in oppressive relationships or with a family that does not accept them, unable to leave and deprived of the possibility of reaching their support networks, composed mainly of bonds of friendship. Some of us have met Viviana in a squat or on a punk concert, or perhaps met her at a demonstration. For several years we had lost sight, but those who knew her remember her as a sweet, sunny, lovable girl, who certainly did not deserve such a horrible end. We will forget nothing and forgive nothing. Let it never be said again that patriarchy doesn’t exist or is water under the bridge. So that our relations may finally be free exchanges between individuals and not cages of possessiveness. So that this murderous civilization collapses with all its foundations, including those cemented within us.

Ciao Vivi

One of the consequences of the #COVID19 state measures is an increase of patriarchal domestic violence: Ciao Vivi