Germany – Broken glass and paint against Wuppertal municipal utility

With broken glass and paint in the entrance area of ​​the company headquarters of the local municipal utility “Wuppertaler Stadtwerke” (WSW) on Bromberger Straße, we have underlined our request to the WSW for an immediate power cut.

The WSW have always been brazen. But now the company is going one step further. While more and more large energy companies, such as the ENBW has even reversed gas and electricity barriers due to the corona pandemic, the WSW does nothing.
For those affected, this means in the already difficult times, in the evening no light, no electricity or gas for cooking … ..

We will not forget our demand for a general stop of electricity and gas barriers even after the pandemic!

Just as little as the need for an ecologically justifiable energy supply for everyone who needs it for meaningful purposes. So e.g. definitely not for the armaments and automotive industries (the workers would certainly be pleased to produce socially useful products!)

Statistics from the Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia from March 23 on the average company margin, i.e. the money with which the companies operate and ultimately make profits, for the basic electricity supply with an annual consumption of 3000 kWh in the period from January 2017 to April 2020 shows that the WSW with 9.03 cents per kWh (the average company range is 8.25 cents per kWh), the fourth highest company range of basic electricity suppliers in the 20 most populous cities in NRW.

We were pleased that our small solo action was possible without any problems. Despite contact bans and the various repressive special measures, the cops cannot control us. Certainly not for actions in small groups! Among other things, we were inspired by the nightly activities in Nuremberg, Bremen, Berlin and Hamburg.

In view of the looming economic crisis, we consider it imperative to take sides with our cause through a variety of actions.
That means i.a. attacking corporations and institutions that are particularly cruel to the precarious, unemployed and workers. We must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the trillions that are now being distributed, even where they benefit the lower class (by the way, the unemployed get nothing more). It is about preventive counterinsurgency: everyone should now keep their feet still. The size of the sum shows how great the fear of the rulers is that their fucking capitalist shop is flying around their ears. We can make sure that he does. The fight for it is already beginning.

We were delighted that people in Wuppertal are taking to the streets despite the ban on meetings and demonstrations! Our campaign is in solidarity with the call for action around April 4th and the call for the global week of action for the life of the Coordinación Metropolitana, Anticapitalista y Antipatriarcal con el CIG.


»The word and the listening – with the heart – goes many ways, has many forms, contains many calendars and geographies – to meet, to find each other. This fight for life can be one of them. ”

(Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. Mexico, March 2020.)

Shut down capitalism!

Out to Autonomous May 1st in Wuppertal!