Marseille (France) – Arson Attacks Against Prison City Collaborators SNEF

Sniff Sniff SNEF

As social control intensifies more and more in Marseille (like elsewhere) and as cameras and other surveillance devices proliferate, SNEF has established itself as a prime target in our fight against state nuisance. Indeed, if the latter are known to take care of all kinds of work (you will surely have seen their name appear on a number of sites contributing to the accelerated gentrification of Marseille), they are also one of the big “winners” and collaborators with city policy to significantly expand the camera network.

On the night of March 17th, preceding the first day of confinement, we decided to pay them a small courtesy call at one of their offices, leaving part of their electrical infrastructure on fire. A week later, this time in the city center and during full confinement, one of their cars was also set on fire.

These attacks are part of a series of sabotages targeting this company as well as others responsible for the spread of surveillance in Marseille, including a small number of other torched cars, and the sabotage of fiber optics and cameras throughout last year.

While the net is tightening more in these times of pandemic madness and the attempts to dispossess our lives are increasing, trying to get rid of the oppression that grips us seems to us like a breath of fresh air, a breach in the existent that would like us to remain docile.