Nurenberg – Arson of Private car of a Cop/Reservist 

Cops & Reservists out of our Neighborhoods- Arson of Private car of a

On the night of Thursday/Friday (20th March) a car was set on fire in
the neighborhood of Gostenhof in Nurenberg. The car was parked in the
neighborhood with stickers of the reservists’ cop association on the
tailgate and a police uniform in the trunk. It is an act of our
antagonism against the increasing militarization of society and the
dismantling of almost all civil rights during the current corona crisis.

Last Summer forces of the hated USK (Bavarian Police Special Forces)
besieged Jamnitzer Platz on end, the central square in Gostenhof, We
will no longer tolerate such harassment and will continue to
consistently defend our neighborhood against the siege of cop pigs.

Cops Out of Our Neighborhoods!

Long live the liberated society! Death to state Terrorism!

Freedom for the Park Bench 3