Toulouse (France) – Macronavirus, decontamination

On the night between May 4th and 5th [2020], the windows of the Crédit Agricol bank on the avenue des Minimes were smashed or filled with blows, while a writing on a wall indicated: «macronavirus, crisis, STOP?».

In Toulouse, weathercocks denouncing the macronavirus have been blooming for a few weeks now, causing uninhibited repression.

Yet the macronavirus, very real, is only one of the mutations of a much more predatory viral strain, which extends over the whole planet: capitalism.

This takes advantage of the health crisis of the new coronavirus, the liberticidal measures of confinement and the economic crisis it causes, to carry out a profound restructuring.

The billions of euros given by the State to banks and large companies condemn us to more and more exploitation, more and more misery and control, digitalised if possible.

In Lebanon, the rebels have not been wrong. They have clearly identified the banks among those responsible for the degradation of their conditions of existence, targeting them and setting them on fire, damaging them, insulting them with their slogans.

It really is time to act, let us get rid of what is infecting our lives!