Toulouse (France) – One less cell phone tower

To make it simple: this new level of control pissed us off even more and made us want to act. To do nothing, in our eyes, was tantamount to accepting it.

As usual, if control works so well, it is also because the citizens meekly accept it, well installed in their virtual bubble, to continue to have fun and telework. But it is more than ever the umbilical cord that binds them to this pathetic life.

That’s why we set fire to a mobile phone relay station, on the night between the 5th and 6th of May, in Toulouse, on the east side of the Pont de l’Embouchure. It was easier than we thought.

You can see that we are not the only people boiling with anger and we are happy about it. Total hostility against civilization and the piles of shit that make it up.


(it-en-fr) Tolosa, Francia: Un ripetitore in meno (06/05/2020)