Toulouse (France) – Some tires make pssssiiiiiit

In recent days, in Toulouse, a slight epidemic of pssssiiiiiit has contaminated some tires.

This world disgusts us. It was horrible before and it’s clearly getting worse. The companies and institutions that make it work and benefit from it are everywhere. There are so many reasons to attack them! Since they put their names on their vehicles, in order to advertise themselves, and since it can be a discreet and not too complex method, we took advantage of the opportunity offered for send a few small, sharp nails (to several of their tires, to complicate their servicing). A way of participating in the different rabies that burst and that we like.

These cars / vans belong to
– to the State
– to the province
– a Vinci [a large French company specialising in construction, public works and related services].
– to SCS (a video surveillance company)
– to Enedis [a subsidiary of Eléctricité de France which distributes electricity].
– to EDF [the French fee of Enel italiana].
– to a gas supplier
– to one company installing optical fibre, to another telecommunications company
– to a «Smart solutions for industrial» company
– to a real estate agency

For us, the links between all this are clear enough that no explanation is needed this time ????

Death to the State and capitalism (as much «ecological» as «technological»)!