Umeå (Sweden) – Windows smashed at cop school and at ecocidal company

The coronavirus is sweeping around the world. Death tolls are rising and the capitalist economy is seeing new lows for every day. The nation state apparatuses are using warlike measures to battle the pandemic. Borders closing, blanket curfews, quarantines, forced labour, the only people allowed in the streets are cops. It’s the state apparatus wet dream coming true. For us anarchists it is our worst nightmare turning into reality. What we see is a glimpse of the future. If there ever is a day civilisation falls to ruins this is somewhat how it will look like.

There will be no end of what measures state apparatuses will use to gain control. And in this game, who will be sacrificed? It will be the precarious workers, the migrants, the women associated persons… the others.

The coronavirus is our Earths latest weapon against the humans (Earlier versions were the Spanish flu and AIDS). This pandemic is a population control, a hit back and a revenge for all the wild animals, plants and habitats that the humans have enslaved, annihilated and destroyed. The coronavirus turns the civilisers who
thought they where immortal into mere mortals. What it all comes down to is a show of power. If humans ever thought they had some sort of control the coronavirus clearly shows what illusion this is. Humans and the civilisation have no control, no matter how much they try to annihilate the wild and the free. If our planet decides that our moment of rule is over, in an instant, just like that – people looking pale, some sneezing, some coughing, some deaths… silence…

So to celebrate this mortality and the loss of control, last weekend we decided to grab some hammers and spray paint and go for a hike in the moonlit night in the northern Swedish town of so-called Umeå. We soon came to the office of ecocidal SCA (a company who clearcuts the last oldgrown forests and turns them into toiletpaper) and the ecocidal academic cult SLU – Swedish university of agriculture. Instantly we started to beautify their walls with wild messages. HÖR CORONAVIRUSETS BUDSKAP – EKOMÖRDARE UT UR SKOGEN (HEAR THE MESSAGE OF THE CORONAVIRUS – ECOCIDERS OUT OF THE FOREST). We also improved the aircondition of the building by smashing some windows.

We went on with our hike and not far away we came across the school for cops. The walls were looking very empty so we filled them with cheering messages to the future cops – HELA SAPMI HATAR SNUTEN (THE WHOLE OF SAPMI* HATES COPS) and the classic ALL COPS ARE TARGETS. We helped the building to air out the foul smell of cops by smashing some windows. We hope that the cop students get the message and realise their mistake and quit their education before it’s too late. Before they become our targets.

Although we were lingering in the area for an hour (against better judgement and security culture) there were still no signs of security or cops. This clearly tells how little control the people of control have. At least in this part of the world.

This finished our hike n’ smash tour. What a joyous night under the stars and half moon. Let every night be filled with joy for destruction. Right now is always the best moment for an attack.

The SCA/SLU was attacked in solidarity with all the wild animals, plants and places that humans have enslaved, destroyed and wiped out.

The cop school was attacked in solidarity with all women associated persons. For an anti-sexist, anti-transphobic and anti-patriarchal march.

Nihilists Hoping for the End of Civilisation cell, FAI/ELF

*Sapmi is the land of the Samis, one of the last indigenous people of so called Europe. Their land is colonised by the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Russian states.

Umeå, Sweden: Windows smashed at cop school and at ecocidal company