Berlin – Leave no one inside

On May 1st, without any authorization, a group of supporters met under the walls of two women’s prisons in Berlin (JVA für Frauen Lichtenberg and JVA für Frauen Neukölln) to bring warm greeting to all inmates.
After we visited the second prison, we cycled up Hermannstrasse along a short stretch of the main road. Our chants, banners and shouts slowed the traffic down, breaking the quiet of “normality” for a few minutes.
The action was enveloped by music and noise, it was brief, so as not to allow the ‘uniformed servants’ to stop the participants.
Those who stood under those walls shouted out their solidarity with all the prisoners and their hatred for this institution that isolates, oppresses and deprives others of their freedom.
We hope that actions of this kind will be refined, reproduced and spread, in order to always reiterate our solidarity with every inmate and our absolute dislike for the State and its prisons. With the hope in our hearts to see those walls burn, with only the guards inside.
We don’t give a shit about their justice!
Our love of freedom is stronger than any authority!!!

Indonesia, North Maluku – Nickel factory workers riot

Indonesia, North Maluku: factory workers riot, burn several company facilities, demand major changes in work conditions and wage rises [ ]

“A number of employees of a company in Central Halmahera (Halteng), North Maluku, set fire to a number of company facilities during the commemoration of Labor Day or May Day. The action on Friday, May 1, 2020, took place inside the factory area…. thousands of employees asked management to reject the Cipta Karya Bill [ for outline of what this bill is, see this and this – ], reject termination of employment (FLE), fulfill maternity rights for women workers, and to lockdown companies during the corona virus pandemic by paying 100 percent of wages.  They also demanded the termination of employee quarantine  at the airport, the imposition of eight hours of work per day, stopping discrimination against local workers, stopping the criminalization of workers, and dismissing the head of HRD….The action then became a riot…. employees burned and damaged a number of facilities and vehicles inside the factory area. In addition, seven security officers suffered injuries due to stone throwing…Employees also looted the company canteen…police officers…arrested 11 employees suspected of being masterminds of the riots.” Video here –

Unions say they have nothing to do with it, blame it on anarchist elements –

“Police in Indonesia’s North Maluku province have arrested 8 people linked to a workers’ demonstration that turned violent at a nickel project run by France’s Eramet and China’s Tsingshan Holding Group, a police spokesman said on Sunday. A rally on May 1 demanding, among other things, a lockdown at the Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park (IWIP) during the coronavirus pandemic, turned violent with demonstrators destroying company property and looting food, North Maluku police spokesman Adib Rojikan said.  Eight people had been named suspects for their involvement in the violence and four others were being questioned, Rojikan said by telephone. The demands by workers included rejecting lay-offs and getting a full salary during the proposed lockdown, as well as blocking parliamentary deliberation in Jakarta of a bill that calls for a steep cut in severance compensation, said Rojikan. IWIP said in a statement that the two workers’ unions at the industrial park were not behind the rally and accused five unversity students of provoking some 800 workers to join the rally and conduct “anarchic action”.”

An account from Indonesian anarchists –

Google Translate:

“Chronology of the Mayday Action and the Declaration of the Halteng Labor Struggle Forum (FPBH)
By Palanghitam | Published: 05/04 2020

Friday, May 1 2020 5:00 WIT the worker goes to PT. IWIP.

At 5:30 CET, the mass of PT. IWIP from Central Vedas gathered at the company’s first portal.

Pkl 05:35 about twenty workers gathered and immediately moved to the point of action at the company intersection.

Pkl 8:01 IWIP workers from North Weda and East Weda gather together at the company intersection.

Pkl 08:15 WIT the action begins.

After the third orator (KORLAP) delivered his speech, the mass of action immediately broke through the gate and headed straight towards the gate of Tanjung Uli.

The oration lasted for some time at Men Gate Tanjung Uli. Some workers also gave speeches to express their complaints, including Uchen (the right worker on the 1st May came to PT. IWIP to sign the letter of dismissal). 09:00 WIT the workers broke into the gate because workers’ demands have not been fulfilled (rosalina sangadji as the head of the HRD must be open and hering open with workers). While inside the men gate, one of the security forces provoked a mass of action by throwing stones, the Akssipun mass was provoked and then a standardized throwing took place. The police had fired several warning shots into the air.

The mass of action returned to the front of the gate and set fire to the former stall that was right in front of the gate.

The police fired tear gas. The mass of action had scattered. Then returned and the police chief had tried to dialogue with workers. But because it did not find any bright spot, the action mass then changed the route of action and headed to the veronickel furnace section to boycott production activities. After that the mass of action took a briefing and agreed to go to the PLTU to turn off electricity to cripple production activities.

Workers in the veronickel division joined the mass of action and walked to the company’s power plant to turn off electricity.

Around 10:01 the PLTU turned off electricity
PT. IWIP is totally paralyzed.

The mass of action walked back to the intersection and returned to a briefing then agreed not to work (strike) until the demands were realized.

Around pkl. 13:10 WIT the mass of action finally disbanded with an agreement to strike and blockade the company’s entrance from the central and northern wedges.


1. Fail Omnibus Law!
2. Reject layoffs under the guise of pause at PT. IWIP!
3. Fulfill women’s labor rights!
4. Return the official permit for workers at PT. IWIP!
5. PT. IWIP must lock down the company during the COVID-19 pandemic, and pay 100% of the base wage!
6. Stop the labor quarantine at the airport of PT. IWIP!
7. Apply eight working hours at PT. IWIP!
8. Meet K3 for workers!
9. Stop discrimination against TKA workers and meet the welfare of TKA workers at PT. IWIP!
10. Stop issuing unilateral memos without prior negotiations with the workers!
11. Stop the criminalization of labor!


Weda, Friday 1 May 2020”

Toulouse (France) – No, We Didn’t Get the Wrong Target – Social or Not, Death to the State!

During the night of the 24th to the 25th of April, 2020, 11 service vehicles of the Toulouse Métropole Habitat (social housing company for the Toulouse metropolitan region) were torched.

Today as yesterday, we want to attack all the components of this civilization that are accessible to us, from the most militarized to the most “social”, and this confinement will not prevent us from continuing our outdoor activities, whether it is a daytime walk to spot a target or a nighttime stroll to set fire to it.

Toulouse Métropole Habitat, like all other “social” branches of government, is only a tool for pacification.

We don’t want your shitty “social state”, we don’t reform a prison, we burn it down!

Don’t worry, when we went out, we had a certificate – the reason for the journey: to set fire to this shitty world.


P. S.: This action is nothing extraordinary: without wanting to go into details so as not to feed the research of the shitty investigators, everything that was used in this little trip can be found in all the big supermarkets. It doesn’t need much: a bit of rage, a bit of spotting, a packet of precautions and another one of fuel.

To those who are evicted from the houses or countries in which they live, to those who are locked up in prisons – be it cages or jobs – to those who don’t allow themselves to be confined, to those who are killed for an unfilled piece of paper…DETERMINATION – SOLIDARITY & INVISIBILITY!

P. P. S.: Accidental Anniversary of an Action.

Philadelphia (USA) – Anarchist Group ‘Bristling Badger Brigade’ Burns Cell Tower

Another May Day, another cell tower set alight. A small act in the earliest hours, but an escalation beyond the norm. And we never want to return to ‘normalcy.’ We don’t know the difference between 4G and 5G. All we know is we want none of it.

The tower’s proximity to a train yard, a major pharmaceutical company’s office, and other military/mercenary enterprises in the Philadelphia Navy Yard was intended to interfere with their operations, however small the impact. It should also be a reminder that no one is untouchable if you have the appropriate determination. And this particular act was quite easy.

The first flame was a warm hug for the comrade Badger, allegedly on the run after a series of similar incidents in Bristol. Stay free!

The ensuing smoke a signal to the comrades undergoing the Scripta Manent persecution in Italy… we stand with you!

For freedom,
for anarchy!

Bristling Badger Brigade


Philadelphia: Anarchist Group ‘Bristling Badger Brigade’ Burns Cell Tower (U$A)

Arlon (Belgium) – 4 cop cars torched

During the night of Thursday to Friday, around 12:45 am, a man entered
the Arlon police parking lot, rue du Casino, and set fire to a mixture
of things. The fire then spread to the [police] vehicles around. A total
of four vehicles were effected. This is the first time that the Arlon
police area has been the victim of an arson attack. …The fire was
brought under control by firefighters, but four vehicles were effected,
including personal vehicles. …Unfortunately, the gantry in the parking
lot had been broken for several days and the repair could not have been
done in the context of the confinement. Arlon’s police have already
suffered deliberate damage to vehicles, but it’s the first time they
have suffered arson. …For zone chief Michaël Collini, it’s difficult
not to make a link with the call for revolt launched recently on the
IndyMedia BXL site for May 1. A call in which the population is invited
to “express their anger within their means” (sic) against the police,
who “seem to control everything with their prowling patrol cars” by
going out in “small groups and everywhere”.

St. Louis (USA) Anarchists visit CEO’s home in solidarity with wildcat strikers in Mexico

On April 30, we visited the mansion of David Webster, CEO of St.
Louis-based Electrical Components International. Here is the message
sent to striking ECI factory workers in Juarez, Mexico, followed by the
letter handed to the CEO’s son outside the mansion:

Hello friends!
We read of your tragedies and your struggles in the ECI maquiladora of
Juarez. Because we could not magically create an overnight strike wave
here in St. Louis, we instead decided to express our solidarity with a
visit to the home of ECI’s CEO, David Webster.

Originally, we planned to sneak into his $3 million mansion, steal his
$400,000 wine collection, and send it to all of you in Juarez. But we
got scared. Instead, we chose to tell him we know where he sleeps and deliver a letter. And take
this photo for you all!

Neither the company, nor the State, nor the unions can save us. We take
care of each other.

Solidarity across borders!
10,000% pay. No work!
Bosses are the real virus!
One day, we will drink their wine together!

<3, ghosts of Magon

Señor Webster,
You are being stingy. While you “work” from home in this pandemic, your
ECI plant in Juarez carries on. Many workers are sick and some have
died. They strike and now you throw them even less crumbs.

30 dead in Juarez, and here you hide, drowning in money! Like a drunk
parasite, you turn the blood on your hands into collector wine.

There is no impunity for you. The ghosts of the dead will haunt you

Thessaloniki (Greece) – Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks by Constantly Fluid Union

This is a translation of a Greek text claiming the responsibility for some incendiary attacks on two vehicles of the Hellenic Post and a vehicle of a security company at Thessaloniki, Greece. This action took place during the quarantine days, in the middle of April 2020, by the “Constantly Fluid Union”. The photos are taken from corporate media. Here is the original source-link with the Greek text.

We responsibly declare that we are irresponsible

We move around insubordinate

We will not leave the fight for later

So let’s play

The night falls on the metropolis.

The roles have been consolidated, as the quarantine conjuncture builds a new routine, having passed a big period of time.

A routine being controlled and which simultaneously controls us.

Citizens are enclosed inside their homes, they open their TVs for the evening program. The question is if they ever closed them all day. Some of them, recalling the glorious days of their “freedom”, take a battle position on their balcony; they are the initiative protectors, those checking who moves around and who doesn’t. They don’t just gaze, they feed their thirstiness for control and police inspection of their neighbourhoods. Snitches, responsible citizens, good house-keepers, supporters of the military junta, alpha males; they emit the disgusting smell wafting around the city, which is empty of people and full of cops.

And of course cops experience once again the protagonist role. Dispersed on the streets, wandering around as imposing figures, they dominate the neighbourhoods and proudly check the people. Sometimes they don’t even need to do this, because they get their pleasure by the anxious glances and steps of the passengers, even if they don’t stop some of them.

The imposed routine of confinement that we experience since more than one month, has generated unprecedented feelings to us. Things that since now were considered as dystopic (reports of moving around, control of the social field in militarized terms, cops in the streets, drones), now are just reality, and other things (such us protests, posterings, gatherings) are getting criminalized.

Our hatred for authority and the complex of power in which we survive isn’t paused. We need to invent new praxises, both to achieve the pre-quarantine obvious things, and to continue causing open wounds and cracks on the existent. We try, by being close to each other, to not get seized by fear, wherever it comes from. We find targets to attack, so as not to die by tedium or in front of a screen, and simultaneously to elicit clandestine complicit smiles to our comrades.

And when does all this finish?

Probably when it is defined by those who set the game of law.

When is it crumbled up?

When some people choose to have some flammable stuff on them during a purposeless walk.

A fire can disturb the rules, disturb those who set them, because apparently some individuals intend neither to obey nor to submit. And maybe this fire is the healing element that can be channelized through the streets of the ghost-town, and through the eyes of the gloomy and almost lifeless people composing it.

On Friday 10/04, we set fire to two vehicles of ELTA (Hellenic Post), at Papanastasiou street, opposite to Ippokratio hospital.

On Wednesday 15/04, we placed an incendiary device to a vehicle of a security company at Sikies area.

We send a signal of solidarity to all those who, even if they are incarcerated and directly afflicted by the state of exemption, though they continue to have a decent and combatant position.

Our incendiary greetings to all the migrants who revolt inside the detention centres, to all the prisoners inside the Greek hellholes, who experience revengeful transfers or repressive investigations in their cells by the scum of Greek Police.

With happiness and pleasure overflowing from our eyes, we declare that nothing will remain unanswered, we will come back armed with more rage, being more rabid and dangerous.

From Korinthos to Malandrino, Thebes, Domokos, and from Paranesti to Corfu, Koridalos, Chania and Grevena: FIRE AND FLAMES TO EVERY CELL / CAGE.


Constantly Fluid Union

Received via Translation Initiative.

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks by Constantly Fluid Union (Greece)

Athens (Greece) – Responsibility Claim for Domiciliary Incendiary Attacks

Received on 30.04.2020:

Translation of a text claiming responsibility for incendiary attacks against people serving the political, journalist, repressive, judicial machinery. The attacks took place in the first days of March in Athens, Greece, by the “Anarchist Groups of Nocturnal Visits”. There are also a few photos from some of the attacks below. This is the source-link from the original publication on Athens Indymedia (including the Greek text and the photos)…

We live in the era of hyper-information and perpetual production and flow of news. The dominant power is defined by the control over the info-flow and the big-data. The control of human force is now possible via the constant analysis of the data daily collected by everyone’s digital tracks, and intends to a voluntary enslavement under the dominant order. These imposition terms are totally different and more whitewashed in comparison with the previous years. The strategy of counter-insurgency and preventive repression against the damned ones has been framed by dystopic new technologies, specialized knowledge and even more fluid and complex methods of investigation and evidence collection. The constant mapping of our anarchist environments from the police forces -i.e. the prosecutions and the arrests for postering and interventions, or the GPS trackers and the micro-cameras planted to comrades’ homes and vehicles- intends to the perpetual enrichment of their data-base, utilised by the State’s machinery.

Once more we see a systematic imposition of far-right and racist narratives by the media. This way, they justify the image of militarized public spaces and the droves of cops dispersing through every street and square. The national body is spreading its roots in the arid soils of its downfallen inheritage, supporting again the rising of neo-nazis and fascists who were hiding under the umbrella of patriotism and “frustration”. We also notice an increasing intensity on their actions, along with operational development of the means they use, and apparently the equivalent State’s support and analgaesia. The armed citizens’ guardings in Evros, under the tolerance and the covering of the police forces, are a gloomy depiction of the future. All those who had signed an informal or formal truce with the previous government due to their supposed social-democratic mediocrity, lost the “deal” after July. All those who supported the politics of SYRIZA due to ideological affinity, are now dully shouting, trying to persuade us that it was the lesser evil.

Greek State, in the present historical conjuncture, is coping with the interior enemy applying the intensive strategy, imposing states of exemption and “law and order” doctrines, erecting monuments of victory against our imprisoned and prosecuted comrades, striving for the establishment of capitalist normality and the interception of every insurrectional move. It’s our responsibility to develop a militant infrastructure and to carefully plan our next steps to the formation of a prepared anarchist movement, able to stand as a barricade against the totalitarian capitalist attack. At the last months, the actions of individual and collective insurgency become more frequent, painting the nocturnal metropolitan canvas with fiery shines of arsons, deafening melodies of explosions and beams of successful conspiracies.


Domiciliary incendiary attacks as one of the fine arts

The complex of the dominant capitalist relationship is not only composed by faceless nets of capitalist violence and relentless reproduction of the social relationships being imposed by them. It’s not only composed by our mental mutilation, by our fragmentation, by the repeated behaving of the capitalist ritual inside the metropolitan factory which destroys our memory, our creative imagination, our identity. It’s not only composed by the capital’s expansion on every second of our daily life, even further than the working condition; a process of denervation that destroys every non-capitalist cell of our individuality. The capitalist formation is also composed by human beings who become an integral part of it by serving a social, economical, political role. They are one among the many expressions of capitalist brutality; they are its body and it voice, its eyes and its ears, its guns which target us, and its stormy propaganda.

The strategy of personalized targeting serves plenty of political and tactical purposes. It transfers the fear and the terror -grown and practiced against the oppressed ones- to the dominants’ homes, to the places in which they feel safe and invulnerable. It proves that we are able to afflict them, when being organized and having the will; that, when we choose the time and the place, when we choose the guerrilla methodology as a tool of struggle and conflict, we can be the front of counter-attack against the state’s and capitalism’s strategy of counter-insurgency. It’s in our hands to remind the zealous guardians of the capitalist world that they can face determined resistance if we realize the social war’s full dimensions. If we reify the material consequences that will be paid by all those who serve the modern gloom.

If we take the decision to become really dangerous and to organize ourselves. Let’s bring the warfare to their garden, outside their doors. Because, even if the people serving important positions on the authoritarian pyramid are expendable, it’s still of a high political importance to give them back the fear and the psychosomatic pain which they’ve exercised over the oppressed bodies. Let’s become the constant threat dangling over their heads; the threat that makes them need 24/7 armed security outside their homes or during their transportations, cameras on every corner, and finally a whole machinery of research, prevention, data collection, repression and justification of their disgrace. Let this threat hunt them. The active supporters of the dystopic neo-liberal normality are targeted. Therefore, it would be appropriate for them to count their choices and their words, claiming the importance we intend to impute to them counting their addresses.


Unfolding our roots and origins on the public sphere

That’s where we come from: From the apartments of the miserable cement and the metropolitan isolation. From the failed crises of conscience attempted by the media via brain-washing and reality inversion; from the mass culture of consumerism and advertising which construct pseudo-necessities, so as to fulfill the bosses’ pockets; from the body punishment of the beatings at the police stations and the protests, when we decide to stand against power; from the “non-violent” ideology, which is nothing more than a humiliating bow and a call for the dominant subjects to continue their murderous work; from the depression, which is massively spread by capitalism via asphyxiating pressure, virtual stupor, ruination of every healthy social relationship – intending to give us the “solution” and heal us via psycho-pharmaceutical drugs, leaving us limp, unconscious, wandering victims of the post-modern decay.

Facing the violent present of our times, we regret remaining indifferent servants and pathetic observers.
We want to counter-attack; against the functions of management and reproduction of the capitalist reality, against the “bellum omnium contra omnes”, against the individualization and the constant antagonism. We want to make barricades of resistance against a state which rises nationalism and racism; which divides the people into locals and foreign ones; which decides for their life or their death at the ground or sea borders, under the sound of war drum beat and the screamings of the expanding social fascistization.

Anarchy -as the embodiment of the constant war for freedom- is a permanent reminder to those serving the authoritarian institutions that it can be perceived as a revenge on a small scale for everyone who feels that capitalism is social death in disguise, an open wound from which the blood of the world’s damned ones spills all over. A revenge on a small scale for all of us that feel we’ve lost thousands of beautiful days enclosed in the labour camps, producing profit for the bosses; that we’ve lost thousands of beautiful days incarcerated in the concentration camps, in their open or closed detention centres and prisons; that we daily destroy our bodies so as to cope with the ridiculous employer’s demands; that we become expendable so as not to disrupt the capitalist profit-seeking. That’s why these actions are also a signal of solidarity to those who will find a part of themselves reading this text; a promise that the struggle goes on; an open challenge, because we need comrades with whom to create militant bonds and collective prospects. Let’s fulfill the vision of freedom and resistance, so as to become the worst nightmare of those who want us with our head bowed.

Our relationships and our beliefs are planted like a seed deeply inside the soil. They flourish like cracks of vegetation out of the mousy and cold cement. They flourish everywhere and always. This time, they flourished from the flames and the whomps of the incendiary/explosive devices that we placed at the doors and the property of some wingmen of the capitalist abjection that we experience and fight inside our territory.

We claim responsibility for the incendiary attacks on the houses of:

Manolis Asariotis, a police reporter of ANT1 (Greek corporate media). His role as a person that totally supports the state and expresses the government’s propaganda on his public speeches, in fact being their physical extension; his total co-ordination with the (un)known circles of the counter-terrorist unit which publicize fake news so as to target comrades; his opportunism and his hatred against anarchists that lead him to build a “reality show” around the personal lives of anarchist combatants, to reproduce the police narratives, to construct guiltiness for many people, to prepare the ground for their repression; his role to cover up all the crimes of Greek Police against combatants, migrants, excluded ones; these are some of the reasons why we visited him. Next time he reproduces fake news and targets people, let him be aware that his house is known in our circles.

Thanos Tzimeros, a fascist politician. His role as a graphic, though potentially dangerous politician; his public statements that profane our fallen ones, such as Alexis Grigoropoulos and Pavlos Fyssas, his racist and xenophobic gutter against migrants, the shameful reproduction of the theory of the two extremes (horseshoe theory), and the equation of nazism with communism; these are some of the dozens of reasons why we visited him. To solve the question of our poor Thanos: maybe he hasn’t served any political position – even if he has elected 3 members on the county council of Attica. Though, he is still a visible voice of the far-right wing, of the neo-liberal pole, of the conservative narratives. His stupidity surprised us once more, as we learned that he makes a fundraising to collect money and fix his house’s burnt-down entrance. Let him be sure that now, as we know his house, maybe we will unsuspectedly give him our fund.

Ioanna Mandrou, a journalist of SKAI (Greek corporate media), and her judicial husband. Nothing was mentioned in the corporate media about the incendiary attack on the authoritarian couple’s house. Her role as a priest of the judicial reportage, based on the “objectivity” and the “valid information” coming straight out of her husband, who serves an important position on the judicial hierarchy; her constant slandering against political prisoners (i.e. the case of the negative decision about the furloughs of Dimitris Koufontinas) and prosecuted combatants; her offensive comments against Magda Fyssas (that during the court she was provocative against the murderer of her son, Pavlos Fyssas); her responsibility for the perpetual covering of every political and economical scandal (see Novartis), as she always creates atmosphere for the social justification of the pre-decided acquittals; the fact that she is politically organized on New Democracy party, and she can be noticed at every encounter, outing or meeting of ND politicians (see the video of her dancing at en event of the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Giannis Plakiotakis, along with all the far-right gutter); the fact that she is a fanatic supporter of fascism, of the memoranda, of the social inequality, of state repression; all these were enough for us to target her. Let both her and her husband keep in their minds that we still have unfinished business with them. The choice of Mandrou to pressure our comrades through slandering, lies and obsessions, opening the doors for the judicial scum -like her husband and his “high class” fellows, who hung our comrades on the loop of incarceration- will not remain unanswered.

Manolis Themelis, a veteran cop who is now a local politician next to the mayor (ex PASOK member) of Nea Filadelfia region, Giannis Vouros. This was an attack also not mentioned at the media. He is a fascist militant, with an active role on reproducing the governmental strategy on his neighbourhood. He has worked as a cop at the Police Station of Omonoia -known for its cops’ plenty of brutalities and murders (among others), having a prominent position on torturing, attacking, bullying and humiliating migrants over the past years. He has served the Greek Police in several ways, always reproducing the dominant cannibalistic and exploitative morality. He is one among the many “anonymous” cops, well-buried inside the slime of the supposed anonymity ensured by their position as expendable executive organs. We exhumed him as an example for every equivalent piece of human garbage, so as to remind them that they’ve made very specific and unforgettable life-choices. Maybe an incendiary gift to their cars or to their houses’ entrance can help them remember that they are on the first line of the war against the revolutionaries and the damned ones, and that this position will possibly have a personal price for them.

Our total solidarity to our comrades K. Athanasopoulou, D. Valavani and G. Michailidis, who are now imprisoned, after a counter-terrorist operation.

Strength for the four comrades who are prosecuted for their participation to the supposed organization “Comrades”, after a stupidly orchestrated operation intending to terrorize the anarchist movement in total.

Signals of solidarity and strength to our comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva, to the two comrades arrested for the arson of an ATM in Madrid, to the Park Bench three in Germany, and to all the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and antifascist prisoners in Russia and Italy.

Our thoughts for the imprisoned people who revolt against the state of isolation inside the Italian prisons, after the generalized emergency situation.

Inside our hearts, the flames of the Chilean insurrection are still burning, and we don’t forget neither the fallen ones, nor the imprisoned ones, nor the people who experienced the brutality of the uniformed scum.

And because memory is a weapon on our hands, Lambros Fountas always accompanies our hearts and our struggles. On the 10th of March nobody dies, as the 10th of March gives birth to guerrillas.

Anarchist Groups of Nocturnal Visits

PS: We consider as non-equivalent for this situation to just make a fragmentary mention on the issue of COVID-19. We would just like to simeologically focus on the enforced exercises of social distancing, alienation, self retirement, loneliness, insecurity and fear for the people next to us. Exercises of consolidation of the emergency state, of the metropolitan militarization, of the capitalist restructuring in terms of militarized and battle management on the social field, of the fluid and elastic readjustment of the working relationships via the house-work and the temporary engagements, of the destruction of every collective feeling inside the working spaces or the fields of social reproduction. Exercises of closed mouths end eyes in front of the modern upgraded panoptic control, the thermal cameras or the cameras of immediate biometric analysis, the silent drones, the justification of the mobile tracking. Exercises of insensitivity and apathy in front of the total unfolding of the modern death-politics and the social exclusion of migrants, prisoners, homeless ones, people that practically couldn’t follow the infamous “We stay at home”, because they don’t have a home, or maybe because their “home” is a place where they are invisibly accumulated, with no medical care, as they are not considered as “normal people”, as “citizens”, but as superfluous bodies.

The management of this “health crisis” in terms of war, is just one more point of the social-class war. It’s a straight attack against the exiled from the kingdom of privileges, as there’s no golden cell for them to be stoically enclosed, but precarious and underpaid long hours, savage working hours without the necessary means of hygiene, firings and unemployment, hunting for handouts, high anxiety and insecurity for what’s next. The class truce which we are about to sign, coping with the “invisible enemy threatening the society”, makes even more visible for us where to direct our fire. What we deeply need to communicate with our comrades now, is that -beyond the basic issues of solidarity, mutual aid and self-protection- this conjuncture should find us prepared. Let’s communicate – Let’s talk – Let’s organize – Let’s get ready. So that we can be able to stand on our ground and cope with the coming capitalist crisis and the war against us.

Translated from Greek by: Translation Initiative

Formatting via AWW.

Athens, Greece: Responsibility Claim for Domiciliary Incendiary Attacks

Wallmapu: Telecommunication towers destroyed with explosive devices [$hile]

During the early hours of March 26-27, strong explosions shook the Contulmo community, located in the province of Arauco. Anonymous hands had placed explosives at the base of a telecommunication antenna, blowing it up and crashing down, carried away a second tower which is also partially damaged.

The attack occurs in the middle of Route p-80r, which connects the communities of Contulmo with Purén, specifically in the Pata de Gallinas sector affecting almost all of the area’s telecommunications.

On the same route, within a short distance three trees had been cut down to prevent rapid access by the police, during the full national curfew in the wake of the covid-19 epidemic and the advance of social control.

Finally, the GOPE, Labocar and OS-9 personnel came to the sector.

So far, the action has not been claimed and the cops did not find pamphlets at the site. The government announced an anti-terrorist investigation.

From Noticias de la Guerra Sociale.


Wallmapu: Telecommunication towers destroyed with explosive devices [$hile]

Surge of Anti-5G Arson Sabotage in Netherlands & UK

According to corporate media over the last fortnight a wave of arson attacks took place in the Netherlands against cellular phone repeaters. The last reported by the corporate media took place in Groningen. “Fuck 5G” was written at one site. The actions did not appear to be claimed. At least 15 attacks took place according to the info issued by the Dutch government through the media. Apparently the first fire was in Beesd on April 4. Since then transmission masts were also torched in Neerkant, Rotterdam, Nuenen, Dronten, Groningen, Oudenbosch, Veldhoven, Tilburg, and Almere. Reportedly, none of the antenna were 5G carriers, being 2G, 3G and 4G masts. Police reported that the method of sabotage was similar at each site. One instigator of the Groningen fire was caught on surveillance camera. Reportedly, European law enforcement officials are being pulled off terrorism cases in order to investigate arson attacks against 5G cellphone towers. The anti-5G arson attacks which initially took place in UK have sparked a blaze of attacks across Europe and beyond.

The Dutch security services started an anti-terrorist investigation covering the attacks. Further information and reports about the specifics of the actions are scarce. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was forced to make a statement about the anti-5G sabotage as the Dutch regime could not ignore it any longer. The sabotage seriously weakens the ability of the state to respond during a heightened moment of instability due to the coronavirus. Telecommunications industry companies are engaged in a public relations battle about the anti-5G actions and the implications for the expansion of 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’.

According to UK authorities and mobile companies another 20 attacks against 5G masts took place in UK over the Easter weekend. Arsons were reported in England, Wales and Scotland over the bank holiday – and follow others the previous weekend. Additional incidents were reported on Tuesday. So far 53 attacks have taken place from media news reports. Corporations continue with a joint media offensive to discredit the attacks, blaming them on the results of “misinformation” spread by “conspiracy theorists” and bot networks controlled by state actors such as Russia, Iran and others. Phone company EE issued a statement that it will be increasing security at high-risk sites. They said that guards who are patrolling those sites are being supplied with body cameras and are being instructed to alert local police. All of the communications industry companies had their infrastructure hit in the arson attacks.

Sabotage the Techno-Industrial System!

Surge of Anti-5G Arson Sabotage in Netherlands & UK