Toulouse, France: No, We Didn’t Get the Wrong Target – Social or Not, Death to the State!


During the night of the 24th to the 25th of April, 2020, 11 service vehicles of the Toulouse Métropole Habitat (social housing company for the Toulouse metropolitan region) were torched.

Today as yesterday, we want to attack all the components of this civilization that are accessible to us, from the most militarized to the most “social”, and this confinement will not prevent us from continuing our outdoor activities, whether it is a daytime walk to spot a target or a nighttime stroll to set fire to it.

Toulouse Métropole Habitat, like all other “social” branches of government, is only a tool for pacification.

We don’t want your shitty “social state”, we don’t reform a prison, we burn it down!

Don’t worry, when we went out, we had a certificate – the reason for the journey: to set fire to this shitty world.


PS: This action is nothing extraordinary: without wanting to go into details so as not to feed the research of the shitty investigators, everything that was used in this little trip can be found in all the big supermarkets. It doesn’t need much: a bit of rage, a bit of spotting, a packet of precautions and another one of fuel.

To those who are evicted from the houses or countries in which they live, to those who are locked up in prisons – be it cages or jobs – to those who don’t allow themselves to be confined, to those who are killed for an unfilled piece of paper…DETERMINATION – SOLIDARITY & INVISIBILITY!


Toulouse, France: No, We Didn’t Get the Wrong Target – Social or Not, Death to the State!

Germany – Broken glass and paint against Wuppertal municipal utility

With broken glass and paint in the entrance area of ​​the company headquarters of the local municipal utility “Wuppertaler Stadtwerke” (WSW) on Bromberger Straße, we have underlined our request to the WSW for an immediate power cut.

The WSW have always been brazen. But now the company is going one step further. While more and more large energy companies, such as the ENBW has even reversed gas and electricity barriers due to the corona pandemic, the WSW does nothing.
For those affected, this means in the already difficult times, in the evening no light, no electricity or gas for cooking … ..

We will not forget our demand for a general stop of electricity and gas barriers even after the pandemic!

Just as little as the need for an ecologically justifiable energy supply for everyone who needs it for meaningful purposes. So e.g. definitely not for the armaments and automotive industries (the workers would certainly be pleased to produce socially useful products!)

Statistics from the Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia from March 23 on the average company margin, i.e. the money with which the companies operate and ultimately make profits, for the basic electricity supply with an annual consumption of 3000 kWh in the period from January 2017 to April 2020 shows that the WSW with 9.03 cents per kWh (the average company range is 8.25 cents per kWh), the fourth highest company range of basic electricity suppliers in the 20 most populous cities in NRW.

We were pleased that our small solo action was possible without any problems. Despite contact bans and the various repressive special measures, the cops cannot control us. Certainly not for actions in small groups! Among other things, we were inspired by the nightly activities in Nuremberg, Bremen, Berlin and Hamburg.

In view of the looming economic crisis, we consider it imperative to take sides with our cause through a variety of actions.
That means i.a. attacking corporations and institutions that are particularly cruel to the precarious, unemployed and workers. We must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the trillions that are now being distributed, even where they benefit the lower class (by the way, the unemployed get nothing more). It is about preventive counterinsurgency: everyone should now keep their feet still. The size of the sum shows how great the fear of the rulers is that their fucking capitalist shop is flying around their ears. We can make sure that he does. The fight for it is already beginning.

We were delighted that people in Wuppertal are taking to the streets despite the ban on meetings and demonstrations! Our campaign is in solidarity with the call for action around April 4th and the call for the global week of action for the life of the Coordinación Metropolitana, Anticapitalista y Antipatriarcal con el CIG.


»The word and the listening – with the heart – goes many ways, has many forms, contains many calendars and geographies – to meet, to find each other. This fight for life can be one of them. ”

(Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. Mexico, March 2020.)

Shut down capitalism!

Out to Autonomous May 1st in Wuppertal!



Argentina – Revolt in the prison of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires

In the prison of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, an uprising broke out after a prison guard was infected with coronavirus. The protest spread to various pavilions and inmates took control of at least two floors of the building, demanding transfers and health checks for fear of mass contagion. The prisoners then climbed onto the roof of the section from which they unrolled various banners “We don’t want to die in prison” “Genocide Judges. Silence is not my language.” They then started throwing stones and various objects. Mattresses were set on fire.

Eleven guards were apparently injured.

Two days ago, another violent uprising took place in Florencio Varela prison, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. To cause it, the fake audio message from a fake doctor reporting the presence of the coronavirus in the prison.

Athens, Greece – Molotov Attack Against the Offices of New Democracy Regime Supporters SKAI TV

18.04.2020: Anarchists have released a video and a claim of responsibility for a Molotov cocktail attack against the offices of the right-wing, pro-New Democracy regime SKAI TV. The same building is also used by the right-wing Kathimerini newspaper. Here is a translated excerpt from the claim of responsibility, which was signed “Anarchist Comrades”…

“…we decided to begin our regular “visits” to the unofficial press office of New Democracy, the TV station SKAI. A channel that is always at the forefront of lies and war against society. A channel connected by family ties (literally) to New Democracy. A cabal of right-wing MPs. A channel that expected a “serious” gold rush and broadcast fanatical opinions about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. A channel that was a chronic opponent of public health and demanded via their journalists (current MPs) the demolition of public hospitals and the privatization of health. In the early hours of April the 18th, 2020, we attacked the SKAI building with Molotov cocktails to remind them that whatever the situation, you will find us opposite.”


Athens, Greece: Molotov Attack Against the Offices of New Democracy Regime Supporters SKAI TV

Crest (Drôme), France – McDonald’s Restaurant Cooked to Perfection

During the night of Saturday April 11th to Sunday April 12th, the McDonald’s restaurant in Crest (Drôme) was partly destroyed by arson.
Around 3AM, the flames worked their way from the terrace side facade, before spreading inside causing huge amounts of damage.

It was the security guard in charge of site surveillance who called the fire brigade. The big guns were deployed, with fire soldiers from Crest, Aouste-sur-Sye, Allex and Montoison. Without the presence of this guardian of capitalist infamy, perhaps the McDonalds would have been reduced to a pile of ashes…

The McDonald’s in Crest had previously been targeted by arsonists in January 2013, when the construction site was being completed.

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

Berlin (Germany) – Autonomous Groups arson campaign against prison profiteers continues

Practical solidarity with the defendants of the trials in Hamburg and the rebellious prisoners.
The proceedings concerning the G20 in Hamburg are continuing, the Park Bench 3 proceedings are continuing. The vehicles of the prison profiteers burn with a crackling sound during Berlin’s Corona Nights. This is the least that can be done, considering the riots in many prisons around the world in recent weeks:

March 9, riots in 27 Italian prisons, at least 8 prisoners killed, 6 of them in Modena.
Mid-March, riots in several Spanish prisons, including in Brians.
Since March 31, riots in 13 Colombian prisons, 23 prisoners killed, numerous escapes.
March 23, 9 prisoners escape from South Dakota Women’s Prison, USA.
Late March / early April, massive revolts and breakouts in Iranian prisons.
April 6, mutiny in Cordoba prison, Argentina.
Riots in the prison of Qoubbeh, in Tripoli / Lebanon.
April 9, mutiny in Irktutsk, Russia.
Mid-April, strike in Korydallos prison, rebellion in Eleonas Women’s Prison, Greece.

On April 18th, a GA Tec van was torched a Falkplatz in Prenzlauer Berg and 3 days later a Eurovia Vinci vehicle was torched at Lichtenburg station. GA Tec is owned by the Sodexo Consortium, operates private prisons in England and is part of the deportation industry in Germany. Eurovia Vinci builds prisons and other humane projects and operates Toll-Collect, a private surveillance agency. Both companies are regularly attacked around the world and therefore offer themselves as sustainable targets.

Anonymous authors correctly recognized in the paper “A few thoughts on urban policy in times of technological attack” – Autonomes Blättchen #40, that different cities are competing with each other for locations for new technologies and the corresponding image. Furthermore they want to determine further the practical approach and suggest focusing the resistance on individual actors. Specifically they want to oppose Tesla, Google, Zalando and Amazon. One strength of the campaign against DHL was that their vehicles were parked everywhere. Even in the campaign against Castor Transporten, it was easy to find DB and Vattenfal vehicles. The weakness of militant campaigns has always been a creeping end before the enemy kneels; with a few exceptions (NOlympia 1993 or Frank Henkel 2016). Campaigns end because targets become scarce, other issues become more important, or because it seems too risky.

With the tech industry as the primary field of intervention, the limits of militant small groups are quickly reached, those of open groups are not. The addition of different levels of resistance requires self-confident open structures that do not distance themselves from attacks. And the readiness for a continuous but asymmetrical practice of clandestine connections. Projects such as the Berliner Liste a few years ago, can be continued endlessly and are always topical. The trick is not to get bogged down by arbitrariness in the selection of targets, or, as the above text puts it, not to be target-oriented, nor to become predictable.

The image of the city of Berlin suffers when companies cannot give their employees the vehicles they need to get home. Insecurity is our factor. Many sparks increase the chance of a larger fire. The tech industry can only remain virtual without the companies building their temples, guarding them, separating the superfluous. So our proposal is based on an easily imitated riotous arson campaign against the whole range of urban political actors to attack everything that is necessary for the functioning of their kind of city in accordance with methods that are unpredictable for them.

Freedom and happiness for the prisoners – decay for the profiteers of the prison society!

Autonomous Groups

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

France – 2th night of clashes and solidarity near Paris and Lyon

After yesterday night, in France, the rage exploded for the second night for the critical injury occured by a men hitted by a cop’s car in sunday. People that lives in the ‘banlieu’ say that they are constantly attacked by cops for racists and classists reasons.

So in the Paris banlieu of Villeneuve-la-Garenne (here photos and videos) people from the zone attacked with fireworks and stones the cops. They also burned some vehicles and garbages.

In solidarity other clashes with fireworks and other stuff explode in the banlieus of Aulnay-sous-Bois, Saint-Denis, Asnières, Nanterre.

In solidarity also in the Lyon’s banlieu of Rillieux la Pape the people rioted. Someone says it was a scene of “guérilla urbaine”.

Bielefeld (Germany) – Municipal Police Vehicles Torched

On the night of April 16th-17th, 2020, in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia), three municipal police vehicles* were set on fire. Two of them were completely destroyed, the third one was damaged, narrowly saved from the flames by the fire brigade.

The vehicles were parked in front of the municipal police building in Ravensburg Park. The amount of damage was estimated at around 25,000 euros.

About 15 fire fighters had to be mobilized for almost an hour. The police presume it was a case of arson. Furthermore, they have not ruled out the possibility that this attack is linked to the coronavirus crisis, as the targeted institution is responsible for enforcing the contact ban rules that are in force. State security services are in charge of the investigation.

* Note of “Sans Attendre Demain”: In Germany, this is the Ordnungsamt, the public service responsible for enforcing the law at the local level. Its uniformed officers work alongside other law enforcement agencies, such as the federal police. Their powers are very extensive in North Rhine-Westphalia (of which Bielefeld is a part) and Baden-Württemberg (like the municipal police in some cities in France).

[Taken from].

Villefontaine (France) – beautiful like the Town Hall on Fire

Shortly before midnight a car was driven into the front of the local Town Hall. According to preliminary police reports, the vehicle was then set on fire. The vehicle had been stolen a month earlier, from the nearby commune of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.

The facade of the Town Hall was blackened by the flames for about 100 square metres according to the fire brigade. The reception area was also damaged “for four to five meters inside” according to the public prosecutor’s office of Vienne.

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(it-en-fr) Villefontaine, Francia: Bello come il municipio in fiamme (17/04/2020)